What kind of buyer are you ?
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An easy "quality time" project.
Large Volume Buyer?
(Retail chains)
We can supply LARGE quantities
of birdhouse kits.
(400+ kits)
Small Volume Buyer?
Retail Store or Craft
Person (20-400
birdhouse kits)
(1-20 birdhouse kits)
Not sure what type of buyer you are?  See below for a more detailed description.
A Large Volume Buyer: Is someone who works for, or on behalf of, a company that sells products to a consumer usually
through a large chain of stores.  Large volumes would be considered anything
over one skid of birdhouse kits (400 kits) per

A Small Volume Buyer: Could be someone similar to a large volume buyer but is buying for a group of smaller stores or a
smaller number of large stores. (For example: 1-10 stores)  Small volumes would include boxed birdhouse kits from 20 to 60
kits, to large loads up to about 400 kits.  This person may be a teacher looking for a project for his or her students. It could also
be a physical therapist looking for an activity for seniors to handle.  

Individual Consumer: Could be a person who wanted to order a few kits for themselves or for a gift for someone, or a small
business person wishing to add this product to their product line, or to decorate and resell, but on a small scale.
Cathedral Birdhouse Kit
Suburban Birdhouse Kit
Treehouse Birdhouse Kit
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product or service at any time without notice to consumer, buyer or viewer.  (This is due to timing issues) Please contact us with any comments, questions, or
to confirm any and all issues concerning this website.
Triplex Birdhouse Kit
Triplex Plus Birdhouse Kit
Coming soon
Coming soon